Club members, Skip Ravenhorst and Linda Krantz, pose for an "American Gothic Highway" portrait at the roadside clean up project.  

Shane Gonsalves


Stewart Fleming


Betty McMichael

​Vocational Service & Plans



Club, Vocational, Community, International

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Skip Ravenhorst

Past President

David Ryan


Betty McMichael







four way test

Truth, Fairness, Good Will & Better Friendships,

​Beneficial to all concerned.

2018 - 2019 officers

  • Community Service projects
  • Interact Club Sponsor
  • Annual Community Bazaar fundraiser
  • Rockbridge Community Festival
  • Route 11 Highway trash pick-up
  • Rotary Pavillion

our club in Action

  • Business/Nonprofit Tours
  • Rockbridge Area Health Center
  • Ambassadorial Scholarships
  • Rockbridge Area Recreation Organization
  • Rockbridge Christmas Baskets
  • Youth Activities

Lexington VA Rotary Club works with members in our community and across the globe to make a difference

For nearly 100 years, Lexington Rotary Club in Lexington, Virginia has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy and politically under-represented members of our global family. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. 

Past Presidents

2017-2018  Skip Ravenhorst

2016-2017 Skip Ravenhorst

2015-16 Derek Carter

2014-15 Scott Risser

2013-14 Emily Higgins

2012-13 Mary Sayre

2011-12 Nick Cuzzimano

2010-11 Jim Slack

2009-10 Jerald M. Plante

2008-09 Vernon C. Honsinger

2007-08 E. Kent McMichael

2006-07 Linda L. Krantz

2005-06 Charles W. Barger, III

2004-05 Mary M. Huger

2003-04 Julia C. Van de Water

2002-03 Vernon C. Honsinger

2001-02 Gordon E. Valentine

2000-01 Jerald M. Plante

1999-00 Cinda L. Rankin

1998-99 Betty L. McMichael

1997-98 Nicholas K. Maschal

1996-97 Edward L. Claiborn

1995-96 Robert R. Jones

1994-95 Robert R. Chapman

1993-94 George Piegari

1992-93 Neal S. Johnson

1991-92 Robert L. Wilson, Sr.

1990-91 William E. Garner

1989-90 William J. Melvin, III

1988-89 David W. DeHart

1987-88 L. E. (Rich) Richardson

1986-87 Paul M. Penick

1985-86 William J. Stearns

1984-85 Wallace E. Fogo

1983-84 James B. Green

1982-83 Philip C. Wagner

1981-82 Robert L. Simons, Jr.

1980-81 Greg C. Raetz

1979-80 John A. Furgerson

1978-79 Robert R. Wayland

1977-78 H. Dana Grindy

1976-77 Leo G. Ferris

1975-76 Richard B. Minnix

1974-75 John R. Tucker

1973-74 William G. Saunders

1972-73 William C. Plott

1971-72 Charles L. Harer

1970-71 Louis F. Miller

1969-70 William F. McCorkle

1968-69 W. Bruce Vaughn

1967-68 L. Kimball Payne

1966-67 D. Rae Carpenter, Jr.

1965-66 Gene Wise
1964-65 Patrick M. Lewis
1963-64 Douglas C. Chase
1962-63 Thomas E. Weir
1961-62 William M. Meacham
1960-61 R. Tate Alexander
1959-60 Harry G. Deaver
1958-59 William F. Rabe
1957-58 Hunter A. Grumbles
1956-57 Floyd S. Kay
1955-56 Fred A. Feddeman
1954-55 George H. Barnes
1953-54 Sam W. Rayder
1952-53 Robert G. Moore
1951-52 T. Fleming James
1950-51 Stuart P. Brewbaker
1949-50 O. H. McClung, Jr.
1948-49 Samuel M. Dunlap
1947-48 Charles H. Davidson
1946-47 Isaac Weinberg
1945-46 T. Fleming James
1944-45 John S. Jamison
1943-44 M. O. Wiggins
1942-43 J. Carter Hanes
1941-42 William C. Drewry
1940-41 William O. Swann
1939-40 Hugh B. Rice
1938-39 J. Hugh Bailey
1937-38 Ralph I. Daves
1936-37 Earl L. Valentine
1935-36 G. A. Rhodes
1934-35 Robert P. Cooke
1933-34 Sam W. Rayder
1932-33 James A. Johnson
1931-32 John P. Ackerly, Jr.
1930-31 George L. Barton, Jr.
1929-30 Frank Moore
1928-29 E. Stuart Moore
1927-28 Leslie C. McCormick
1926-27 Benjamin Huger
1925-26 Williar M. Hunley
1924-25 W. P. Irwin
1923-24 M. B. Corse
​1921-23 Thomas J Farrar

Lexington Rotary Club

Chuck Barger

RI & District​ Service

Joe Milo

Community Service