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​and Youth

Derek Carter

Past President

John Tucker


Skip Ravenhorst







four way test

Truth, Fairness, Good Will & Better Friendships,

​Beneficial to all concerned.

2017 - 2018 officers

  • Community Service projects
  • Interact Club Sponsor
  • Annual Community Bazaar fundraiser
  • Rockbridge Community Festival
  • Route 11 Highway trash pick-up
  • Rotary Pavillion

our club in Action

  • Business/Nonprofit Tours
  • Rockbridge Area Health Center
  • Ambassadorial Scholarships
  • Rockbridge Area Recreation Organization
  • Rockbridge Christmas Baskets
  • Youth Activities

Lexington VA Rotary Club works with members in our community and across the globe to make a difference

For nearly 100 years, Lexington Rotary Club in Lexington, Virginia has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy and politically under-represented members of our global family. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. 

Club members, Skip Ravenhorst and Linda Krantz, pose for an "American Gothic Highway" portrait at the roadside clean up project.  

Betty McMichael

​Vocational Service & Plans

Chuck Barger

RI & District​ Service


Betty McMichael



Lexington Rotary Club

Joe Milo

Community Service

Julie Goyette


Past Presidents

2017-2018  Skip Ravenhorst

2016-2017 Skip Ravenhorst

2015-16 Derek Carter

2014-15 Scott Risser

2013-14 Emily Higgins

2012-13 Mary Sayre

2011-12 Nick Cuzzimano

2010-11 Jim Slack

2009-10 Jerald M. Plante

2008-09 Vernon C. Honsinger

2007-08 E. Kent McMichael

2006-07 Linda L. Krantz

2005-06 Charles W. Barger, III

2004-05 Mary M. Huger

2003-04 Julia C. Van de Water

2002-03 Vernon C. Honsinger

2001-02 Gordon E. Valentine

2000-01 Jerald M. Plante

1999-00 Cinda L. Rankin

1998-99 Betty L. McMichael

1997-98 Nicholas K. Maschal

1996-97 Edward L. Claiborn

1995-96 Robert R. Jones

1994-95 Robert R. Chapman

1993-94 George Piegari

1992-93 Neal S. Johnson

1991-92 Robert L. Wilson, Sr.

1990-91 William E. Garner

1989-90 William J. Melvin, III

1988-89 David W. DeHart

1987-88 L. E. (Rich) Richardson

1986-87 Paul M. Penick

1985-86 William J. Stearns

1984-85 Wallace E. Fogo

1983-84 James B. Green

1982-83 Philip C. Wagner

1981-82 Robert L. Simons, Jr.

1980-81 Greg C. Raetz

1979-80 John A. Furgerson

1978-79 Robert R. Wayland

1977-78 H. Dana Grindy

1976-77 Leo G. Ferris

1975-76 Richard B. Minnix

1974-75 John R. Tucker

1973-74 William G. Saunders

1972-73 William C. Plott

1971-72 Charles L. Harer

1970-71 Louis F. Miller

1969-70 William F. McCorkle

1968-69 W. Bruce Vaughn

1967-68 L. Kimball Payne

1966-67 D. Rae Carpenter, Jr.

1965-66 Gene Wise
1964-65 Patrick M. Lewis
1963-64 Douglas C. Chase
1962-63 Thomas E. Weir
1961-62 William M. Meacham
1960-61 R. Tate Alexander
1959-60 Harry G. Deaver
1958-59 William F. Rabe
1957-58 Hunter A. Grumbles
1956-57 Floyd S. Kay
1955-56 Fred A. Feddeman
1954-55 George H. Barnes
1953-54 Sam W. Rayder
1952-53 Robert G. Moore
1951-52 T. Fleming James
1950-51 Stuart P. Brewbaker
1949-50 O. H. McClung, Jr.
1948-49 Samuel M. Dunlap
1947-48 Charles H. Davidson
1946-47 Isaac Weinberg
1945-46 T. Fleming James
1944-45 John S. Jamison
1943-44 M. O. Wiggins
1942-43 J. Carter Hanes
1941-42 William C. Drewry
1940-41 William O. Swann
1939-40 Hugh B. Rice
1938-39 J. Hugh Bailey
1937-38 Ralph I. Daves
1936-37 Earl L. Valentine
1935-36 G. A. Rhodes
1934-35 Robert P. Cooke
1933-34 Sam W. Rayder
1932-33 James A. Johnson
1931-32 John P. Ackerly, Jr.
1930-31 George L. Barton, Jr.
1929-30 Frank Moore
1928-29 E. Stuart Moore
1927-28 Leslie C. McCormick
1926-27 Benjamin Huger
1925-26 Williar M. Hunley
1924-25 W. P. Irwin
1923-24 M. B. Corse
​1921-23 Thomas J Farrar